I remember it like it was yesterday,

But it was really so long ago,  you would think I would have forgotten.

You would assume ild burried it deep inside and let it become rotten.

No that would be to easy, and I would have no reason to recollect,

To over analyze ever detail and hope i can forget.

You left without so much a word ,

Never let me know it would be our last,

I was supposed to see you later tonight,

But I guess I would see you never again.

And I will never get over that.

Your strong presence dwindles when I lay in our bed,.

I still call it ours .

Even though I haven't felt you in it since I can't remember when.

Sleep is where I find you, dreams are all I need, so off I drift into my slumber, hoping to find you next to me.

I will give up life to spend death with you.



  • Ken

    Peace be with you on this journey. Feel free to reach out anytime day or night. Sometimes a good listener is all that is needed to endure the pain of a broken heart. Love and respect to you.

  • chefeyman

    Sometimes, it takes the pains of loss to realize the love around us and the blessings we've been given, if only momentairy. Take this loss as a lesson that you are just as important to someone who would feel the same were you to leave. Be strong. I wish you peace.

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