Dead dead

though once we were wed

The cruel stabbing pain

that now pierces my brain

Every waking moment wishing we were one

Tortured through the night

Within my dreams we still fight

Love and Hate how well they equate

Slamming the door 

How crazy, that make me want you more

Dead dead

though once we were wed

I self medicate

To drowned my hate

No... no it is for Love now gone

that I drink on.

Swimming in sorrow

cursing the 'morrow

Love now gone

Unable to move on

Dead dead

though once we were wed

Love now cold

My Hate grow'n tenfold

Another year soon to pass

still trapped behind the looking glass. 

Dead dead

though once we were wed



  • Ken

    This one reminds me of my ex. Though, today, I wish her no I'll will, there was a time when these words resonated loud and clear.

  • Rooster

    thank you. I am always amazed by the love/hate feels. think maybe its a more love/hurt inside feeling, but comes out hate. Be Well Ken, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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