It\'s Only Our Perception


Throw away the clocks. Burn the calendars.
They are a depressant, an illusion.
If you lived forever, what would they mean?
In the best of uses, they are markers used to denote a time to meet, nothing more.
You don't need a date to remember.
You have the memory.
Time is a trap that builds upon itself, second by second, except in the rare places where people truly "live" in the moment.
According to everything around me, I am 57 yrs of age.
I say I am 30, at this very moment.
Ask me when I awake and rise from bed, I might agree that 57 is correct or if you told me I was 80 at that moment, without time, or calendars, I might agree.
But then, it would be a moot point, would it not?
Time try's to steal your identity, your thunder, your place on the stage of life.
Banish the clocks and the calendars and instead of hearing people say, " I remember the time...." , they will say " I remember you..."
Sounds better to me.
Ecclesiastes 3 would read as follows:
There is a reason for everything,
    and a reason for every activity under the heavens:

    a reason to be born and a reason to die,
    a need to plant and a need to uproot,

    a necessity to kill and a desire to heal,
    a reason to tear down and a need to build,

    a sorrow to weep and a joy to laugh,
    a loss to mourn and a desire to dance,

    a reason to scatter stones and a need to gather them,
    a desire to embrace and a decision to refrain from embracing,

    a desire to search and a reason to give up,
    a decision to keep and a decision to throw away,

    a need to tear and a desire to mend,
    a choice to be silent and a need to speak,

    a desire to love and a reason to hate,
    a plan for war and a need for peace.

When time is taken away, we make more room for reason, need, desire, choice, decision, and joy.
We live, without looking over our shoulder. Without the fear of running out of something that simply never runs out. It's only our perception.

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