Take Control

My sorrow, pain and suffering, comes without a choice,

You don’t want to hear it, you insist I hush my voice.


I try to honor your wishes, I take steps to do my part,

I never knew you were this way nor had an ice cold heart.


You tell me what to do and say, what to eat and how to dress,

Your failure to understand my grief, adds only to my stress.


I came to you to talk this out,

All you did was scream and shout.


I stayed in my room to stay out of sight,

You became even angrier and started a big fight.


Sometimes I feel like I am such a burden,

You tell me I’m not, yet I still feel so uncertain.


You don’t want me near you, nor into your space,

But you won’t let me leave, I feel so out of place.


My hopes and dreams you control with suppression,

Failing to see that it fuels my depression.


You silence my voice and forbid my true feeling,

Forcing behavior that is “far more appealing”.


I grow tired of you and your trivial shit,

I am my own person so just get over it.


I’m taking control over my own life,

I am tired of you and all of your strife.


You may not miss me, the day that I am gone,

You’ll never know when, it may be before dawn.


I’ve left you nothing, as stated in my will,

You’ll regret the day, of this man that you did kill.


You won’t take blame, for the death of this man,

You could have helped me, you were not a big fan.


I hide in the shadows of my sad broken heart,

Waiting for the day from this world to depart.


High on a pedestal, in your house made of glass,

One day you’ll fall and when you do, you can kiss my ass!


  • Danyla101


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