Today we must justify everything that we do, Every move, every step that we take.        
Everything we do must have a reason,          
Reasons for the choices we make. 

I must have a reason to get out of bed              
I must have a reason for the thoughts in my head.
I must have a reason for the way that I feel,    
I must have a reason for the skipping of meals.

I'm too tired to move, I can't sleep at night.        
I've got nothing to lose, for I'm losing sight.        
I'm not hungry or full, just empty inside.          
These reasons I have, do not qualify. 

You must come to work, you cannot be late.        
You must eat all of the food on your plate.        
"It's just a bad day", "get a grip and move on",    
My reasons aren't valid? I must "carry on".

All of these things become other reasons,            
They've become the reason I'm late.                
Why go to work or go anywhere at all              
When I can't even concentrate?

Why eat the food to fill up my stomach,            

When I'm not even hungry a bit?

It won't fill the hole, deep in my soul,                   

Where my pain is a bottomless pit. 

I can't justify all the times that I cry,

because my reasons don't really exist. 

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