Shahla Latifi

Love Is Kindness


Love is kindness

Love is compassion

Love is the tenderness in our thoughts

During a tragic event

Love is a kiss

That is set on your cheek by your mother

Love is the aroma

That pours pleasure in the air

Love is a strong wind

That carries clouds of suspicion behind the Smokey mountains of neverland

Love is a word

That brings the broken pieces of harmony together

Love is a connection from your heart to mine with no boundaries

Love is happy occurrence

That brings people to laughter

Love is a bird that flies high as she can with no fear

Love is  a surreal thought

That encourages hearts to care

Love is me

Love is you

Love is every one that could comprehend every aspect of war and hatred

With the grand feeling of forgiveness with care


Shahla Latifi



  • Mohammad Milad Karimy

    life without love is like a rose without its aroma.
    Great poem as always dear Mrs. Latifi.

    With love,
    Milad Karimy

    • Shahla Latifi

      Thank you for reading.
      I appreciate your support.

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