Peace in the Darkness

I’ve tried to be what was expected of me

Suffocated by the grief that others fail to see


Hiding behind great walls built for the defenses

My soul now drowning in a sea of false pretenses


Living my life with feelings kept in the shadows

No sign of emotions as I hang from the gallows


Strong bridges now burn and crumble to ashes

My voice now silenced to avoid the harsh clashes


Head hanging low to avoid eye contact

My soul becomes restless as I prepare for the impact


Their voices become amplified as they shout, yell, and scream

 The torture never ends; or so it would seem


Abandoned by those who say it is me that they love

Hard to believe when they push and they shove


Avoiding their words that once cut like a knife

Loneliness and solitude are now my new life


A façade of a life so that their anger may cease

I flee to the darkness with hope to find peace


Peace in the darkness for my soul needs to rest

Peace in the darkness will bring an end to my quest


  • vpalexander

    The poem seemed well-written, the words well-considered. For my part you stirred a sense of anger, that anyone would gainsay your grief. Are you the wife of a deceased spouse? What other circumstance would jell with your words? At any rate this is nothing new - you are to blame, case closed, and screw you. That mentality is almost classic from the other side of the family. In any case, grief itself is always personal...subtract the outside, and find the peace within.

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