Wishes & Memories

Tis the feeling that brings thou thoughts in mid blue

Heaping on with thy beauty in the heart

Attending to the twittering, thunderous gulls


Catching a splash in the soft breeze

Turning into a song of angels flowing

As a spin of charm faces and follows


Jotting every moment as it counts and replenishes

Time falls in ‘til come and noon arriving more and more

The cry of little creatures that howl onward


Wishing this will not run so soon into a memory

But hoping for this to walk again and

Love and pray for all has happened will be with more



  • vpalexander

    we forget love we trust in time we loathe the leavings and leftovers we strive to be on time for forever and ever as if we always do it for love and we die they quaff the memory and we die never alone but with Camel cigarettes let's all be born lunatics is it au revoir or goodbye?

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