Soul money


welcome to the world im living in where people will do anything for dividens its cold how they toast to a heart that froze then roast about the polar shift in them they go from hot to cold to cold to hot to not but we're all burning in a melting pot cause no matter where you go from coast to coast costly clothes they boast about whos clothes cost the most it kinda makes you ask where their head at? cooking up schemes to heisting anything from banks to bakeries where the bread at? but no matter how much dough they roll its still empty like doughnut holes so save the sweets none for me id rather save my soul cause i know where we're going if i may tell but you might not like the answer cause it equals hell but thats where we're headed so tangled dirty dreaded this life gets pretty hairy but only if you let it to be or not to be shakespeare said it so stay sucka free like a diabetic. now the earth is rich, rich in slums that could spare some change like a bum but no amount sums im talking dirty funds can save your kids from sons that carry loaded guns cause we are so lost how are we still turning but the learning stopped killing eachother for pennies thats a hollow cost (holocaust) cause no price is worth a life no pie is worth to die but we still want a slice no matter what the size they say theyre satisfied now thats a crusty lie cause gratitude is the best attitude thats why i thank the lord for the longitude and latitude for the birds that soar or the baddest news blue jay eggs baby blues my innocence stays questioning the blues clues with some blues to cruise to no matter where life aint fair loved ones ive lost some im not here to lose too.

  • Author: Soscorpio (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 7th, 2016 19:13
  • Comment from author about the poem: Its was actually adapted from a song i wrote about how life is fixated on money and how we as people will do anything to get it
  • Category: Surrealist
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