Running from these racing thoughts of mine but never quite crossing the finish line confined in my mind a prisoner of the past stuck behind these bars that are made of eyelash where there's a killing in every cell murdered by turpentine scented pine and a poisoned wishing well where the genie in the bottle's wishes failed i was taught that no amount of ale could keep me on track but after my train derailed was a hard learned fact and a bitch slap of truth every night i was smoking plants down to their roots cause chances were 9 out of 9 every night i was flying i was a low life having high times but i was someting like an addict with beats beating on my drums to be dramatic but no amount of music or narcotic abusing influence could help me escape the fact that i had a bad habit. 20 plus 1 drug abuser boozer that made me a 2 time loser im like this if you can portrait now bare with me i know i dont paint a picture perfect but visualize a pre pubesent pee wee on some poor shit no golden spoons no porsches no single rooms no forces cry me a river but thats just the way the water courses carving a corrupt little kid but thats just scratching the surface underneath this kids lid but thank god for a family's love cause even though i was flawed they still gave me hugs but that said in a broken home you can still feel real alone calling mom from dads phone rarely the other way around its funny how a childs smile could hold back the biggest frown especially with an abusive father who used to keep me grounded by that i mean he used to beat me to the ground my grandparents is where my corner stone was founded but after my gramps died i was dumbfound i was lost my foundation was rocked like i said i was grounded but i was pretty shocked the tower of babel fell and i was on the top.

  • Author: Soscorpio (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 10th, 2016 21:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem was a reflection on my life how the past thats supposed to be behind me always finds its way to pass me up and nudge to let me know its still there in one way or another not always in a good way either but at least in this poem to "reminisce" or give a bio
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