Trying To Hide a Fire in the Dark


Well and what is it I see in your eyes...

Is it love or is it desire...

What is it that keeps us from giving?

Into the fire, is it the fear of getting?

What you want then not wanting it

Anymore...well how long can we walk

These real high wires, how long can we

Go on playing this game...we aren't

Children anymore so isn't it about

Time to say just what's on our

Minds...well they say the truth will

Set you free and this has been

Going on so long I doubt anything

Could possibly've

Always had my heart and in my

Secret fantasy you just seem to

Fit the part, ‘cuz every time our eyes

Meet it's like trying to hide a Fire

In The Dark...every time, every time

The keeper of time finds us here

Again and again, it’s Like Trying To

Hide a Fire in the Dark...A Fire

In The Dark!

  • Author: moontigerntn (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 11th, 2016 14:08
  • Category: Love
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