It wasn't a special day


He said "I love you" which meant a lot to me, it wasn't a special day he didn't show that he did, his words carry away,

 The words I love you were a mistake  although his voice was very deceiving, I could see the fire in his eyes,

 no new face, just another way of me believing, he try to wash the tears off my face, but his words left a bruise, and my heart misused

and my body is use for his desires although I want to walk away, it's something about him that makes me stay, as if he had a chain wrapped around my neck, I want to run away, but it really wasn't a chain it was more like his words wrap around my neck, I'm struggling to breathe & 

It wasn't a special day but he says i love you, smiles in my face , but it was the day I died inside, it was my funeral and he brought flowers with a note on the side that said your worth more dead then alive, 

They say love is a beautiful thing, but behind his eyes is something. Someone I can't describe 

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  • Published: January 16th, 2016 11:59
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