I remember fire, pain, sacrifice,
I remember my daddy's last looks cold as ice
No touch no proper goodbye
I remember the neglect tattooed in his eyes
I remember a fire that left me yearning to be loved by men i didnt understand then to love God was better
The trail of pain left behind from my childish ignorance has scarred me forever
I felt fire burn me up inside
To young to fight back
To beaten by the wrath of pride
I withered
I played with fire
Seemed like my only friend on the playground didn't know it would try and consume me once I fell down.
I remember fire, pain sacrifice
I remember the sting of a mothers words never right
Look at me not starving
Yet im always feelin hollow
Life rarely ever kind to me but constant with sorrow
I remember a heart so tired it would stop beating for days
A heart to weak to swallow it all so the pain soaked into my veins
Never sustained a thing but my desire to escape,
Didn't care how young I was
This fire took all of me in its wake
I remember I remember all the years
I suffered silently with not a soul to dry my tears to exchange my fears for hopes and dreams no never
Saved em in a pretty box with a red bow for someone better
They were better left alone unharmed by a never ending fire that would inevitably destroy them
I just hope they don't resent me
I hope my broken words don't misrepresent me
Understand that I am sorry for leaving you but i just was no good for you
Oh wait that's what they said to justify abandoning me
 now I sound just like them
Isn't that funny
She'll turn out to be just like them they said
Bet money
And I did
But I learned to control my flames
Embers still burn on my tongue so I let them lick the page with the vengeance of my ball point pen
Got my enemies hoping Im thinking their actually my friends
Never ending flame youll be the witness
My words take no prisoners, no revenge, but no forgiveness
I remember fire pain and sacrifice
I remember someone pulling me out of this raging fire
Saving my life, I remember their sacrifice
And thank god because I have a story worth being told
I have every reason to strive to be bold
Because I survive flames that never tire
I live with embers sparked by injustice all around me though I have no desire
I survive, yes i survive even this wild fire

  • Author: Bri_lovee2160 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 18th, 2016 20:06
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Sarah_and_Elizabeth

    "But I learned to control my flames
    Embers still burn on my tongue so I let them lick the page with the vengeance of my ball point pen."

    YES YES YES! Goosebumps!

  • De-nyce_A

    This was extremely beautiful. I loved it and was able to connect

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