Would you?

Would you?

Would you do it, would you give money to the poor?
Would you feed a starving kitten thats scratching at your door?
Would you give the homeless shelter for the night?
Would you nurse a sick child who's pale and looking white?
Would you help a mourning person by giving them support?
Would you deliver a baby without a second thought?
Would you make a difference by always speaking first?
Would you choose to do the right thing and not to do the worst?
Would you carry the weight of all if you thought it could change the earth?
Would you love a needy person for all that your worth?
Would you have the patience to never should of yell?
Would you behave in a way that always describes you well?
Would you act on your instincts and do what you feel is right?
Would you bring the force of God down of evil with all your mortal might?
Would you see the suffering of many and thank your lucky stars?
Would you not be selfish to others and look on from afar?
Would you be my shield if I was the sword?
Would you be my saviour like that of the Lord?
Would you take me In Your arms, and hold me when I cry?
Would you always stay with me and never say goodbye?
Would you try to stop poverty by giving to the deprived?
For now its judgement day, confession time has arrived.


  • germanamericanchurch

    Good questions:) some would, but most drive that way, away to oil heat their home and bask in bacon smoke

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