To The Unknown Dad Written by L. Winters

   Dear Dad,

It would have been nice to know who you were, and the type of person that I wanted to be, Instead of me sitting here, filling sorry for myself and sad, but I will live my life, doing the best that I can, to be all that I can be,

 I wonder at times, how life would have been, with you here in my life, To be that shoulder to cry on, on those cold and sleepless nights,

Or what about when I brought my report card home, and to see your reaction, Weather I got all "A's", or a "D" minus, because I didn't understand fractions,

I would have loved to get a piggy back ride, just once in my life, Instead, I have grown all up, and never understanding why…

I was just a innocent little kid, In need of love, guidance, and protection in this cruel cruel world,   What you did was help me, to be a better parent, for my boys and girls,

To allow them to know, that I won't fill them with empty promises, Getting them excited, to know that nothing is going to be different, in their world.  

Every parent teacher meeting, spelling bee, and being involved, is what I do, Learning all of the important things, in a child's life, that you never did do,

Like teaching them how to ride a bike, or even fly a kite, Or, at a baseball stadium, watching a fireworks show, on a school night,  

When sports came around, not only being a supportive parent, But volunteering to be one of the football coaches too, And just for fun, going to the park, running and playing tag, On the swings, the slide, constantly hearing "catch me Dad!"  

I can't understand how some, can pass up such a good feeling, Being a provider, role model, to a kid that is eager to listen, Some don't know, that children are blessings from God, And for a person to turn their back, on a blessing, is fairly odd,  

There is no way on God's green earth, that I would, could, or even should, Not be a man, and step up to the plate, for a innocent child, True enough it is a challenge, and once involved it feels good, But for one that rejects a child, he must be heartless, and considered a true fool,  

So to the unknown dad, I pray that you feel remorse, and come to the light, In my heart you are forgiven, so that I can enjoy my sleep at night, It may be too late, to kindle a fire, that was never lit, But nothing beats a failure, but a try, a try, that won't allow you to quit.


  • mommabear28

    My mother left us when we we're young so i do understand completely!

    • Winters17

      I knew I wasn't the only one, but hey, we are still here and making a difference. Thank You for your comment.

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