" He Has A KId!?"

melisa alpizar

"he has a kid?!"
"he’s too old for you!"
"he’s already an adult!"
"you know all he wants is sex.”

yes, but how old were you when you had your first kid, not even 15 so why act like a saint now,
but his age is just a number meanwhile dad is 6 years older and he’s just 2 away from me,
okay and what, you still act like a teen and your 34 so please stop this madness,
is it? cause I’m pretty sure you’ve been lied to too much that you think your own story is mine,
its like you don’t even know him so why do you judge him?
you don’t even know his story so why throw shade at him?
and the shit that you say just fucking hurts you know i guess my feelings for him are so damn strong that when you offend him it offends me too but then you switch it up on me and end up hurting me more by just using your hateful words towards me that a mother shouldn’t use against their own “baby”,
shit i don't blame my own daddy for not loving you cause even i see the damn bad person you are,
i don't blame daddy for cheating cause you fucked him over when i was little as well and for you to think i don’t know anything but you don’t even know the bond daddy and i have,
so unbreakable and strong that i tell him more than you my own damn mom,
so strong that if you payed attention to him you’d know more about him but me as his daughter knows him more than you,
and if you gave this guy who has captured my heart a chance i could guarantee all your assumptions would be wrong,
but you wouldn’t know that if you could never even give him a damn chance

  • Author: melisa alpizar (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 29th, 2016 00:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: 12/3/15 5:46PM.
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  • fclarke13

    Wow that's so true and so amazing x

  • drgnchaser

    I've been that guy, it sucked, nice work though

    • melisa alpizar

      i think that if your in that position you shouldn't always have to be the one sticking up for yourself. and thank you

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