On unhallowed ground

Mike carter

Curse the night beneath leaden skies

Where moonlight shines in darkened eyes

And talons sharp honed to a point

To tear your skin with blood anoint


To feast upon such ravaged flesh

That once the local vicar blessed

And rain shall fall like tears long shed

Releasing memories in your head


To live and yet be seen as dead

When eyes transform from grey to red

Come forth and let your screams begin

You are defeated cannot win


They seek your soul and speak of sin

They hunt with torches it begins

What do they know of past times gone

Stood at the graveside sombre song


Taken beneath  the castle wall

A lesson learned but not by all

Now legend speaks off fang and fur

Of bloodied footprints tangled hair


This curse I carry to the grave

A silver bullet do I crave

Now all is still and night is gone

But fearful dreams they linger on


This ballad then a werewolf dirge

On full moon nights this do I urge

Beware the dark for deep within

There lurks a demon bent on sin


The sun is high the grass is green

A bloody trail where hell has been

So till the next time with moon up high

Seek out the mirror then ask why


Your features seem much thinner yet

You turn away wish to forget

The beast within you is denied

For from yourself you cannot hide


They know, it’s said they seek me now

What do I say to run but how

I curse that day I was struck down

Reborn and cursed on unhallowed ground

  • Author: Mike carter (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 11th, 2016 04:55
  • Category: Gothic
  • Views: 34
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