Searching for Me

Within the recesses of time I have succumb to the peacefulness of my solitude. Though others may surround me, none can hear my thoughts. Nor can they deprive me of the silence that I long for. I have given in to these emotions of instability. Yet, I still search for a shimmering light. A sign of hope that may, someday, pull me from the darkness of my sorrow filled heart. I search my soul for answers of truth. The healing process may be in motion but the journey is long and filled with the obstacles of heartbreak and pain. The walls that crumble at my feet are not mere victories. The blocks, I use to build a stairway rising high above the demands of man and life. One day, some day, I will traverse the stairs and, upon reaching the top, will find the peace, comfort, and happiness that I have been robbed and deprived of for so long now.


Time. Time is not my friend. It is nothing more than the constant reminder that it controls me. Past, present, and future. Time is in control and, only it, knows how long I must endure all that is around me.


I must retreat. I must escape. I long for the absence of my surroundings. Not to bring forth my end but to allow reflection, understanding, and peace of mind. For I am lost and am in need of soul searching. I am not... me. I must find the person I once was even if for just a glimpse of who I must become.


Peace be with you.


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