Dragonfly - Jenn Oles


As I turned my head, eyes held wide,

The walls of my life, yet untried,

Melted only to mollify the depths inside,

Once resilient, spring action, I could not break,

Am now claimed sensitive, hung up, n' high-strung,

I've been choking, the air garroting, my view obstruct,

Empty, almost void, I ride melted waves of my life, a muck,

As my clock ticks consistent, wisdom empowers,

Acceptance of my mistakes and flaws create willpower,

At a distance I can see my fears nonexistent,

Hoping to end the foreboding tremors that engulf my present,

Floundered decisions, mellowed disbelief, I freeze.

Foot in trap, I stare mired and confounded at dark memories,

The downs have lapsed the ups, my world tangled may collapse,

Melted waves now spinning, lower in the river I'm drowning,

Padded room the white walls are surrounding,

Hospital lights flicker to off-beat pounding,

The scamper of loony feet scrounging for meds,

I resist and prove competent, my life is no roulette.

A game of chance seems an untrustworthy path,

Would rather dabble and daff with lessons learned from the past.

A humble expression glowing iridescent will deafen the red eyed,

My eyes held wide, vision direct, exudes strength, a confident stride,

For all my dark thoughts inside will drift off while I lie shut eye.

Black sheep from the mass of red eyed beings, I stand no longer masked.

Raw and fragile I give myself to the wind

the sand,

the trees,

the seas,

the moon,

the stars,

My universe that coursed a storm of disadvantages forced,

Challenged my wounds, through pain, a dragonfly morphed.

Agile and metallic they're conspicuous in flight,

Symbols of courage, strength, and happiness, yet predators in spite,

With my soul in the galaxy's hand, lost thoughts flee and revolt,

Now a relaxed mind, eyes held wide, doubts come to a halt,

In my dreams, my future supreme redeems...




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