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He kisses his mrs(misses) by inches he missed her(mr) optimistically the glass is half full and thats a pretty clear picture(pitcher) but pessimism's a bitch and reality's her sister. Thats when things got heavy like gravity weighing me down but it was the gravity of weight when I learned she found someone else, happy birthday to her and i was the clown. She packed up her case day after day her calls got spaced and I lost my mind thats a true space case but it didnt take dick tracy to figure I was love sick rabies I was tony stark at a rave I was stark raving mad I thought I was man of steel but i was really iron man but no amount of metal could weld my mind or mend my mental but when she called me crying I was cyborg sentimental then she had the guts to tell me i changed but she couldnt stomach the fact that she made me this way by telling me lies saying she had my back but when I turned around i only saw tracks that led me to a sack and that just took me off the map. Now drugs are in my veins so i wont feel my brains she said we grew apart but thats just growing pains... drunken falls late night calls shot for shot you hit my heart and I hit the wall so my spice of life just got blander i thought you were the answer but little dId I know you were killing me slow cause you were my cancer and i was your scorpio but you had the stinger cause I was was wrapped around your finger but it was the big one next to the ringer... i said marry me till death do us part but you buried me i was dead from the start...

  • Author: Soscorpio (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 13th, 2016 19:09
  • Comment from author about the poem: It's funny how the love of that one special person could shape your life for better or for worse.
  • Category: Love
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  • avasimone

    The last line almost had me in tears, so much emotion in this, excellent.

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