Sentimental She Is


Sentimental she is 

Because you threw it away 

You never truly appreciated her 

Why should she stay? 

She really gave you her all 

But, you were never there 

Consider her gone 

Because, the truth is you were insincere 

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  • Severus Alexander


    I feel for her.

    I shed no tear for the fool.

    Love is not something that you mess with.

    Love is not a gift~

    For god's sake, It's not a toy.

    Too many people take it for granted.

    It's a perilous path.

    It's also, and this is what most people never get, a one-way path.

    A path that changes not only you, but whomever else is involved.

    It's a system of balance and counterbalance within a group.

    A GROUP.

    You can't think of it from your own perspective, or it will end up being about you.

    It's really not.

    Love is about other people.

    It is primarily a system of biochemical compulsion, designed to encourage biological organisms to multiply.

    The conception of love as an abstract constant is, quite frankly, ludicrous.

    It's an ever-changing, very physical thing, and no living thing is wholly exempt from it.

    People need to accept the truth;

    There are more things within the heart than can be conceived of by the mind.

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