The Fairies


As old Mrs. Herrington sat beside the window,
She looked through the bars,
She saw a peculiar sight,
Hundreds of fairies, hanging from clouds shaped like stars

The little fairies squeezed through the bars,
And rushed past Mrs. Herrington, who was surprised,
They started to work all around the house,
And when old Mrs. Herrington came to inspect, they just smiled

They helped make the breakfast,
A little swish of their sparkling wands cleaned the rooms,
Mrs. Herrington, still astounded,
Watched them as her hair was magically groomed!

The little fairies arranged the dining table,
And wiped clean all the doors and windows,
They scrubbed off all the dust off the bed sheets somehow,
And fluffed all the pillows.

The fairies, quite efficient,
Were finished with the job quite soon,
Mrs. Herrington just smiled,
And beaming, she said “Thank you”

After a long day, she went to sleep,
Mrs. Herrington thought it was a dream,
She thought about all the clean utensils,
And of all the dresses, and magically joint seams.

But next morning when she woke up,
outside the window were fairy crowds,
Glittery wings and sparkling wands all around,
The fairies slept on the clouds.


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