"At Last"


At last I see what true love is
As we battled through the years
Not ever once was I alone
You were always standing there!
You've always been so solid
A pillar in life's sand
No matter what the struggles then
You always had a plan!
I know i've let you down sometimes
Not always there to hold
I've seen those times with tears aflow
You still stood strong and bold!
I know you will forgive me
Your love will be no less
I thank My God, He sent you here,
With your love I'm so blessed!
You're quite the best example
What true love's meant to be
I'm sorry dear it took so long
For me finally once to see!
Although in life at times it seems
We'd crumble from the pain
We made it through these storms once more
Just dancing in life's rain
Let's put the hurt behind us now
The struggles from the past
I'll be right here to hold you now
Forever more at last!

  • Author: Kenny Whiting (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2016 18:22
  • Category: Love
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  • Severus Alexander

    Oh, dear lord... This is beautiful!

    In reading this, I feel a renewed sense of faith in prospective writers.

    Sometimes It seems that every other person I run into has ripped off half of his work from some famous poet... But this... This is spectacular. My man, you're an order of magnitude greater, both in skill and in spirit, than any other aspiring poet I've met so far.

    This is simply amazing.

    The greatest poets speak from the heart.... Poetry is the art of expressing beauty, as well as a tool for introspection, and a means of communication, both as internal dialogue and connection.

    Not only have you managed to create free-form poetry that is both fluid and smooth, and also profoundly heartfelt, but you've managed to do so in a way that's very moderate-- you're no hack; some people overuse end-rhyme, but you've clearly mastered the technique of dissonance.

    You've also established a rather exotic pattern of assonance, (rather by intent or otherwise) which provides an excellent flavor... A liquid, delicious texture to the lines.

    However, first and foremost, you've pumped as much love and caring into this as humanly possible.

    I love it. : )

    I can see that this is the first poem that you've published on

    Judging by the grade of your work, (fan-tabulous) Can I presume that you've been writing for a while?

    Do you have any tips for a beginner, such as I?

    • Kwrf

      Wow, I truly thank you for your absolutely astonishing comments! I have only been writing for 9 months...i have now since written 340 poems to date though. I have just found my passion for poetry in the past few months, but my english teacher was my dad so im sure that helped.
      Once again I do SO GREATLY appreciate your encouraging words! Thank you sincerely!

    • Severus Alexander

      You are most welcome!

      It warms my heart to see an emerging talent such as yourself, so devoted the art. : )

    • xlocoxcocoa


      • Kwrf

        Thank you so much, i appreciate you taking the time to encourage with a comment.

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