Brain wash nation



Welcome to the brain wash nation

Fuck the Emancipation Proclamation after that we went sour 

getting worse hour by hour while the elites climbed

the tower of power

Its a tragity to watch people go down this path while the poor get more ignorant and laugh wasting their lives

getting high and more blind to the light and build spite and frustration we would bring shame to the people who wrote that proclamation

They saw the bigger picture for this nation a true free state

but the devils in all of us wrote our fate

the elites love when the poor are desperate so they turn to government hand outs in that time of drought

to further oppress your self worth on this earth so it turns to hell

cant you see threw pain and oppression they fund wars over natural resources to build more wealth

but simultaneously turning this garden of Eden in to straight hell

cant you smell the shit on your plate

that the rich and elites feed you to further your fate in this never ending blindness

because they are the devil trying to over turn the ballance of good and evil because everyman is created equal

but the devil uses this society caters to the weak im just giving you a sneak peak to the destruction of this earth

threw corruption and oppression this is their weapon say good bye to self worth and of course our pretty little earth 

  • Author: pnutthetruth (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 11th, 2016 11:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: first poem i have ever wrote i would like feed back but mostly on the message.. Thanks for reading and the feed back!
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