Sometimes I'm Happy


Sometimes I'm happy 

Things can bring a smile to my face

I'm so grateful for these times

Even though they never last

I love it when someone takes the time to message me

And talk about anything

Or tell me 

I'm not selfish

I need support

And here is where I'm finding it

Although I know I will be sad again soon

I need to cherish

Any time I have even a glimmer of hope

Because you never know

Today could be the first day to recover

  • Author: ~xx (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 13th, 2016 18:36
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Severus Alexander

    Although we tend to think of emotions as an external response, they're actually more of an ongoing, internal process... all emotions come from inside. We never really stop feeling angry, or sad, or even happy... it's just that most of the time we don't notice them, because they cancel each other out. However, when there's an external imbalance of some kind, it can often destabilize things on the inside. This inequality is usually the direct result of some form of turmoil, and although it can be either personal or professional, (i.e. work stress vs. relationship stress) it can almost always be tied back to some form of personal anxiety. (The different types of which are far too numerous to list here.)

    Hope is funny; it's one of those things in life that's really, really good in medium-sized quantities, but can be harmful in large quantities. (Let's be realistic, folks.)

    However, it's probably not a very good idea to run too low on it, either.

    I know that I'm being a little technical.. (I mean, come on, our feelings aren't exactly rocket science) and I know that it's probably not going to make my long, rambling response any more sensible... (lol!) but I'm going to finish with the opposite extreme.

    "The thing that we really have to remember... is that we're never alone."

    And as long as we can still see the sun, no matter whether it's rising or setting, and disregarding all the yucky clouds and water vapor... I'd say that we've all got a pretty good shot at being happy.

  • monipoeta29

    I like this piece, sometimes I feel this way myself. I could tell your heart was in your hands, while you wrote it .

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