They Don't Know

It’s always the one you would least expect

The girl with the confidence and no regrets

They joke and play like nothing is wrong

But deep down inside, there’s a storm going on


All those times you joked about their insecurities

Laughing loud and hard about their obscurities

The indifference that was strong in your voice,

made them realize that showing emotion was a horrible choice


Your best friend should know all the little details,

Everything you think, down to that final e-mail

That you weren’t happy or joyful inside

But emotionally distraught and without any pride


You can’t tell your family because it’s just a joke

They’ll say “You’re just fine! Stop being a bloke.”

Now you have emotions that seem so rare

Your family can’t fix something that’ll never repair


Now there’s nobody left to share your inquiry

Only a pen and a 50-page diary

Now you’re alone and totally drained

Finally, ask yourself “God, how do I get rid of this pain?”


  • AJ

    This is nice

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