Yasu Na


In the lower sky
below the shiny heaven,
gray clouds are flowing fast
as if they were the poor and young of the nation of the cloud.


On earth,
the wind with dots of rain is
blowing, going through hard and making sounds.
The trunks and the branches of trees
are giving,
and their light-colored lustrous young leaves appear to be under a trial.


We persistently give back from this pitiful sight
that seems to be brief
with our hearts unhappy and lost.


But within
our hearts,
the trunks and the branches are already giving the same way
and the light-colored lustrous young leaves
endure the hard wind with dots of rain not to be brown off.


We have a secret courage,
which is as poor but strong,
and fierce but sincere
as that gray clouds which are flowing fast in the lower sky below the shiny heaven have.


We need a person
who allows such a courage, and who is like that vast thick clouds which in the heaven
shine and seem to think silently and deeply.

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