8 moths pregnant off balance i wabble stop i scream wat does it matter what does he care as he drags me across the porch by my hair they stand out side there doors they stop an stare never trying to help but all aware i try to fight but i know im beat as he slams me down im just to weak i cant over power him i cant even speak hes chocking me now darkness starts to creep my hearts beating fast im tryin to breath but even the struggle almost put me to sleep hes fading away an jus at its peak he lets go an im back on my feet gasping for air i was almost there on my way out but on that day god was r help she was born healthy an well but her emotions an mind hopefully in time will also be fine she doesn't like him she's frightened she Cry's all day this is strange the stress an strain affected her that way the sound of his voice the touch of his hands she truly can not stained she's just a baby this is crazy how can she know she settles down whenever he goes

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