Izzi Lynn

Teardrops glisten on her cheeks
Rolling down her face
Her teardrops are like little stars
They contain galaxies in their depths
Little tiny windows to her soul
Each time a tiny star falls from her eyes
Her inner light dims a little

Her lovely little pink lips
Are set into a grimace
And she cannot find it in herself
To move them from that frown
They only open
To let a sob escape

Her eyes are a leafy green
And on a good day, they shine brightly
But tonight, tonight her eyes are reddened at the edges
Tonight, her eyes are dull
Instead of their normal sparkle
Her eyes are listless and flat
They show no playfulness
No happiness, nor joy
And every time she blinks
A new galaxy rolls down her cheek

Her voice is usually honey
It's suave and comedic
And when she sings, she sounds like the sunrise
On a good day she can make all her friends laugh
But today is not that day
Today, her voice is rough
It's broken and upset
Letting her fears
Her insecurities
Her anger
All slip through the cracks

On the inside she is breaking
Her façade is chipping, falling apart
Every galaxy she cries
Steals away another part of her light
She knows she should expect this, the betrayal, the pain
But that doesn't dull the pain

Today was not her day
Tonight was not her night
She cries her galaxies now
And wonders if they care
She lets her rosy lips fall into a frown
And wonders if it matters
She stares into the mirror
And wonders, "Is it me?"
And then she's called downstairs
And she knows it's her
Something makes her parents mad
Something riles them up, gets them so furious
And that something is inside her

She wonders if it's her skin,
If she put on too much makeup, or maybe she put on too little?
Is it because she cared too much? Or did she not care enough?
Is it because she chose the wrong time to ask?
Or maybe she shouldn't have asked at all

Because deep inside her
She knew they would say no
She just didn't realize it would make them so angry
And today was just not her day
So tonight she cries her galaxies
Tonight she lets her teardrops fall

  • Author: Izzi Lynn (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 1st, 2016 23:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem was written after a particularly bitter fight with my parents. I'm a 14 year old ADHD kid, and I have a lot of fights with my parents, but this one was bad, really bad. This poem reflects a state of being that I'm not usually in. Usually, I'm my happy-go-lucky, crazy, fun, bright personality. Even the fights aren't usually enough to snap me into this state. And this poem means a lot to me, because it really reflects a side of myself not many people see. To most, I'm arrogant and selfish, and I don't take responsibility for my problems. This poem, it shows that side of me that's sensitive, that cares what others think.
  • Category: Sad
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