Nero Banz

Better days

I'm sitting on my porch thinking of the better days.

Hoping that one day, my best friend will get finally  get laid.

Wondering what I would said if I saw my grandma, the day that she passed away.

Would have I cried or not? I don't know I barely think about it anyway.

How will I leave this world? Will it be drugs or an accident?

I kinda doubt neither but no one truly knows.

I remember my first kiss, its kinda foggy.

I don't remember her face or body.I just seen her lips and I was like I got try it.

I remember the people that I don't like.

Its kinda funny, how friends can turn to the opposition and tell your business to everybody else.

I remember being lost ,being very lost..

I looked around me ,people know what they want do.

I was like damn, I hope I'm not in the streets  needing peoples help.

I took the name  Nero added a dollar sign to end so I always know the price of what I sacrificed to write the poetry that I love very much.

I live for today cause tommorow is not promised.

It can over in a second, just like the car accident i got in on Sunday.

I hate working retail it makes me hate Monday.

I always have to roll up the day before so everything seems kinda funny.

Everybody tries to tell me what to do but I don't care .

I'm happy.

One day I'm going finish college and everyone going to be clapping.

Life kinda sucks sometimes, can't deny it.

So just sit down and think of the better days,I dare you to try it.


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