Oh captain, my captain,

how I long for your return, 

wintry days and howling winds, 

make me shudder and yearn. 


Oh captain, my captain, 

spring arrives as new flowers appear, 

rain mists the air with its fresh scent, 

how I wish with all my heart that you are here. 


Oh captain, my captain, 

summer greets me with its heat 

as I sit on my front porch to catch an evening breeze, 

rocking and dreaming of you is a sweet treat. 


Oh captain, my captain, 

fall and its abundance of rust-like colors abound, 

birds prepare to fly South before the cold snap begins, 

all alone I look at the vast sea without a sound. 


Oh captain, my captain, 

as each season passes without your presence, 

my love for you only aches more and more, 

I visualize you standing at our door with your manly essence. 


Oh captain, my captain, 

as I lay asleeping I am awakened by a tall sight

walking towards my bed - - - - my heart pounds loudly 

only to see my seafaring husband returned home by early light. 



  • Author: Summersounds68 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 15th, 2016 21:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: A love poem of a woman whose husband is a seafaring captain and is gone for most of the year or more. This poem was inspired by women of New England during the 1800s. Many would climb up to their "widow's walk" of their homes looking out to the sea for their returning husbands.
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  • lysistrata

    Thank you so much my friend.
    I have friends whose father's were captains (ship and planes) and a brother in the army,who has served for the NATO Forces,so I think, I know....
    I also remembered from J.Conrad's 'To - morrow':
    "It was as if the sea,breaking down the wall protecting all the homes of the town,had sent a wave over her head...."

    • Summersounds68

      Lysis, thank you for your encouragement and liking my poem. Your feedback is certainly a plus. History of New England gives us the material for poetic inspiration. Have a great day, my friend. ~Sonia

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