The puppet Master

  • When the blue moon rises
  • In the broken October sky
  • A crooked smile crosses a hungry eye

    A proud  tear flows down a struggling mind.


    It's the Master who pulls the strings of his rapturous puppet

    It's the puppet that seems content with his mindless master.

    Valentine  dances under the moon light

    in the yard where life has the fate of a suicide.


    Moving to her Master's will

    She dances a non stop dance,a dance with skill

    Her body half veiled in black 

    Soaking into the hands of a desperate man.....

  • She'll dance till the Masters done
  • She'll dance till the next blue Moon comes
  • But as soon as he lays her down in his nest
  • There would be no escape,he 'd embrace the God of Death.


  • willyweed

    very imaginative indeed! WW

  • Tropicana

    ? Not sure, I kinda preferred willy's, I liked the bit in bold but I think you should've put 'my version', 'remix' or something along those lines at the end of the title so people can distinguish the two beforehand and wouldn't puppet's be puppet is, shouldn't it be puppets' ?

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