If I could...

If I could....

If I could I would take the stars , extract them one by one .
And fashion myself a gown of light for when the darkness comes.
A myriad of twinkling jewels to guide me on my way.
My talisman to keep me safe - protection every day .

If I could I would lie me down in roses Crimson red.
Reminds me that my blood runs warm as I lie there in my bed.
Engulfed in fragrant petals, blanket of soothing calm.
A salve to soothe in times of angst, exquisite floral balm.

If I could I would call the birds from high there in the trees.
Companions true to comfort me, here in my time of need.
Voices clear, an orchestra , United in their song,
Distraction from the darkness in my mind I've known so long.

If I could I would steal the clouds from their home there in the sky,
Detach them from their blue lagoon, soft bed on which to lie.
Comforter of fluffy white to sink down safe and sound,
To save me from the black abyss, ever swirling all around.




  • Skye Marlene

    Your poem is absolutely beautiful. I can relate and invision it so well in my mind. Its truly a wounderful poem.

  • camille

    Thank you 🙂

  • lysistrata

    One of your best.One day I hope you'd add photos etc and create an e - book. I'd definately download it,my friend.

  • camille

    Thank you

    • camille

      I did a voice recording and a short video on YouTube for destination nothingness .. I added a link on hand poem if you want to see it 😊

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