Broken Down


So this is the end,
the part that i hate.
Here i stand with my
heart in my hands
And tears in my eyes.
Watching you go,
Watching you leave,
Begging you to stay.
Begging you not to go.
Its like i am muted
You don't hear a sound
Of my voice.
You don't hear me cry.
You've put up the wall
You've blocked me from
your heart.
You wont listen to me when
I tell you that i love you.
You don't believe a word that i say.
You refuse to look at me as you go
You wont look back and see the pain
you have caused to my dying heart.
Why did i have to fall in love?
Why did i have to try?
Why do i have to care so much
for someone who wont care back?
I want to hate you, but i cant allow
myself to hate you.
I love you to much,
And i hope one day,
Someday soon, You
will see just how much i care for you.

So this is the End
Experiencing the fulfilment of nothing
Living in the emptiness of everything
That is an infinite idea
So Magic but yet so Real
This is the end,but a new beginning is near

This is the end
All hope is gone
Nothing left but a hollow shell
Nothing left
An empty void

Voids are formed and ordered,
chaos cannot fill an empty chamber.
Hearts are filled with chaos
and my chambers beat and resonate,
every ounce of my being pounds with your existence.
I am a lock
and you,

I want you to turn,
To see me so lonely,
To rush up and hug me,
To show that you care.

But I know the cold truth
I know the black behind my eyes is what's in your heart
I blame myself for everything
It's my fault
My fault
My fault
If only I was an angel among men
Maybe then you'd reciprocate the river


  • Rosethebrokenhearted

    My heart holds amany a sorrows for you, fellow poet, for I know this pain all too well. Thank you for a piece, that hit so close to home.

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