If you had to choose you say you'd choose me, but that's not what you show me..

Why am I always lonely, the weird sad kid the one all by his lonely..

I never had no one to hold me or show me about love, so forgive me if I have a hard time expressing how I feel 

I'm an introvert I think about things profusely and in depth, but when I let it out seems to lack depth 

I can't get through to you and it's driving me crazy, feeling down on my luck and it's like you don't give a fuck 

Alwasys saying one thing but meaning another I know I'm hard to understand..

But I just need you to stand by me and be my crutch when I can't stand 

I know I'm the same man the one you say that you can't stand, but understand I'm just a man and I'm still finding my way

So hold me now, don't put me down 

Uplift me when I'm down,turn my frown into a smile, only you can turn my world around 

I've never felt a greater bond

Natural chemistry I fiend your presence..

I'm in love and I wouldn't change it , for you the pain is worth it I'm strong I can take it

I'd hold on until my hands are bloody..

I'd jump into the ocean to save you...

I'd take a life to spend my life with you....

For you there's nothing I wouldn't do but I can't ask the same of you..

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