Human Dinosaur

There is a thing called growth you know,
Enjoying the rewards from what we sew,
But there are some, who sit and stare,
Through long misery making despair,

These are the cavemen, who do not adapt,
Neurotic statues that have always sat,
Thinking themselves Emperors all the time,
Mocking the kind hearted is their crime,

Not moving on is to blame,
But they decide to carry this flame,
But we the considerate are all so tired,
Of surreptitious orders others have sired,

Like a pig they play in their muck,
With all our patience that they have took,
It is time for them to wake up now,
For them to share this sweat on our brow,

Anchored conclusion of theirs is wrong,
We try to talk, but they sing their song,
“I have done my work already boys!”
We retort: “Your still live, you’re still deployed!”

They use denial of things gone by,
Of marriages that have gone awry,
Yet they are not divorced from life,
So let Change itself become new wife,

For dutiful hands are now bleeding,
So get up and help us with this weeding,
To create distractions and better climes,
So we can live in harmonious times,
For we are dying here, so help, I implore,
Do not stay a human dinosaur.    


  • Accidental Poet

    No shortage of these dinosaurs in the world today. I've run into a few, and usually I ignore them knowing it is their goal just to piss off those who oppose their kind. Sometimes that can be a struggle to win at. Great write Auburn. ; )

    • AuburnScribbler

      Wow, a message on an "oldy"!

      Thanks for the read Accidental Poet, and yes, it would be nice, and extremely helpful, if certain people acted according to common decency and sense, but as you've said, unfortunately certain folk, have made their beds and have chosen to lay and "lie" in them, in my opinion and the opinion of the body, the longer you lay in bed, the more you will seize up, and as a result the harder it is to do things, thus your purpose becomes incredibly thin. I really do hope that they think on this opinion, before they spurt out another ramble of expectant, unnecessary, unimaginative drivel! Sorry, rant over!

      Thanks again for the read, and I hope that all is well!

      • Accidental Poet

        A rant shows how deeply a person feels on the subject. And some innocent victims have been cut much deeper than others which can infuriate to no end.

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