Trust Fall

I smile to hold back the cries I want to shout

I close so my eyes so the tears won’t come out

I say “I’m ok,”

Multiple times a day

So that just maybe I’ll believe myself and make others believe it too.



I pray to the angels above to guide me

In a direction that only they can see

But it leads down a dark cliff path

To where my demons awaken from my past

I am then standing at the edge with them whispering “just jump.”



I then take a breath with my arms spread wide

With just one step, I feel I have already died

But then I feel a lift off my feet and on to the wing

Of my angel who has come to save me

I then fly away from my nightmare that was my reality



I then smile without my fear

And open my eyes and cry no tears

I can look in the mirror every day

And finally say “I’m more than ok.”

Sometimes, you just have to trust fall



  • camille


  • willyweed

    very nicely penned. ww

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