To Fight the Angels

The angels have come down, 

They're trying to turn our world around. 

Tell us you'll stay, 

And that you won't go away;

Not just yet, you can still fight,

The angels can't have you tonight. 

My biggest fear, 

Is to live a life, without you here. 

The woman who was there, 

The woman who cared.

Fighting, battling, the angels with sword in hand, 

And feet elegantly planted in the sand. 

The woman who practically raised me; 

Who believed; saw the good, when I was shitty. 

Fight the angels, and say you'll stay, 

Fight the angels, don't go away; 

But if you must go, 

Let you leave, when I tell you things, that you should know. 

I love you so very much, 

I have to thank you, for you've been my clutch. 

I hope you are strong enough, 

To fight the angels, and come back home, 

Because without you, I'd be truly alone. 



  • willyweed

    best of luck with your grandma RTBH~ your thoughts are not mixed the love came through your words loud and clear ! ww

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