Judged / Bullying



I'm stuck in a society where, people are judged based on their appearance.
well, let's just have some clearance.
whether your, fat, skinny, thick, ugly, huge tits or maybe you have none.
big bum or maybe your ain't got one
don't feel worthless, because your were birthed into this world for a purpose. 
maybe if your more on the big side, and you stand beside a person whose more on the slim side, don't feel intimidated don't even feel no way brush her and say " girl you don't make me nervous."

what the people of today doesn't understand is that; the cold bitter words that you throw at people, could feel like a steel
needle piercing through their lungs, but hey you don't care because your having fun.
they could already be suffering from it at home, and they come out tofeel free and get away from it. but they come to the conclusion that in fact there's no way from escaping it.

see me I used to be a bully, but then reality hit me 
it hit me hard in the face and made me realise what I'm doing is a disgrace.
it had me thinking, you need to go apologise to all those people you've bullied,
and I did I made sure i done it sincerely.
I had to make sure they saw truth, and from that day I promised never to bully no older person, middle aged or youth.

have you been picked by people your age based onto your attire?
look at them and ask them " and exactly what makes you think your higher " 
people will make you feel down all the time, but there's no point in hiding away to cry,
because this messed up puzzle is what we call life.
yeah I was bullied before but that was when I was in primary school, I thought because I had been through such a traumatic stage, I thought everyone should feel my pain.
I asked myself, what do I expect to gain?
what popularity, friends or fame?
what I got was a hard slap in the face, and I placed my hand on my heart never to put anyone through that again.
I said if I see a victim going right don't follow just go left.

see I think being judged or being bullied is just a serious cause of suicide, then people are gunna start to cry,
saying " my intention wasn't to make them take their life"
yeah right you knew what we're doing.
man it truly hurts to see someone being put through it.



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  • Published: July 25th, 2016 04:02
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  • AAA

    i love your work!!!

  • Hopey_xx

    Love this- well done, powerful message...

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