Unknown woman

I removed my skin.

I poisoned my face.

For you.

I cannot conceal the  conformity so blatantly published like a video with no likes, but thousands of views.

I say " I do it for me", Because "I'm a strong proud independent woman" 

I know my worth, you do to right?

Beauty. Elegance. Sex appeal.

Her, with the full covered targets, but your still just aiming to fuck her, right?


  • mhpoet

    Very powerful message you send out on this poem! Keep up the amazing work! You have a unique talent!

    • speakmywords

      Thank you so much 😌😊

      • mhpoet

        No worries! You're a natural and I can see that, even if your in the UK and I'm in the US...hahaha...but seriously keep up the amazing and ignore what ever rude comments people give, because those are the people who lost base with the true essence of creating a poem: Expressing yourself!

        Keep up the amazing work, and feel free to check out my work!

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