The Woman I've Become


When I was a little girl, 

I played with my brother, 

Stayed close to home,

And tried to be like my mother ,

By the age of eight, 

My daddy taught me,

That I should have hate,

And act like a bitch, 

But I had trouble, 

To hate people without reason, 

I'd rather be, 

Like the reason for the season , 

Not to simply dislike, 

A man for his color,

But without their approval, 

Life seemed a lot duller, 

And my mom told me,

To be against gays, 

To show my hatred,

For it in many ways, 

When I was a little girl,

I wasn't very strong, 

Easy to cry,

And hard to move on,

Loved wearing makeup,

And play in my mom's shoes, 

Loved playing board games, 

But hated to loose,

And I told myself that I'd stay this way forever.

Who would have thought that I'd change like weather.

Now eight years later,

I still play with my brother, 

Still stay close to home,

But I'm nothing Iike my mother, 

I learned that hate is just going to breed more of its own, 

And love is what conquers alI.

I have the biggest crush on a boy, 

Who's not my same race, 

And one of the nicest people I've met, 

Just happens to gay.

And I turned out to be,

One of the strongest people in my family. 

Don't wear makeup anymore, 

Replaced all my dresses, 

With jeans and tennis shoes.

Maybe I'm not the best I ought to be, 

But now I'm caring and understanding,

And nothing like my family. 

I threw out the hate In my heart, 

Replaced It with God's love, 

And that was the start,

And my strength comes from above,

And I don't care what anyone says, 

May sound senseless to some,

But I'm glad that, 

This is the woman I've become. 

  • Author: F. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 2nd, 2016 16:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: My dad taught me lots of hate when I was a little girl and my mom always talked about how disgusting gays were. I agreed with them until I finally got older and decided that the wrong thing is never right no matter how many ways its done. Two wrongs don't make a right. They never will. The only way to end hate is to love. And that's the way I think. This is the woman I've become.
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  • abpoet18

    My lord , that is amazingly well written and honest artistry, I can't imagine being told to hate anyone, you're truly talented.

    • thatsilentgirl

      Thank you. I really appreciate you commenting and faving! 🙂

    • rrodriguez

      This is really good writing! Congrats!

    • Solitary Sandpiper

      Something I've said before is that I very much like poems that could begin with "Once upon a time," if you wanted them to. This is your story, beautifully told, with a happy ending and a good lesson. I also appreciate that you've remained close to your family, even though you have made better choices, because to not cast off the love of your family because you disagree with them completely illustrates how much you have grown.

      • thatsilentgirl

        Thank you very much! It means the world to me!

      • Jamie

        Fantastically triumphant!

        • Jamie

          Spiritually triumphant!

        • Jamie

          This is inspiring, thank you for the woman you have become!

        • A. F. Naturaliy

          This is an awesome poem! I completely relate. ^^ It's hard growing up with hate being fed to you with a spoon.

        • sally

          Such a good writing, your words touched heart, well done dear !

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