She's Made of Contradictions

A side smirk and a sharp edge

Kindness that seems to never end

Inspirational quotes that are oh so cliché

And sarcasm that takes your breath away

A quick tongue and sharp wit

Stupid puns that are funnier than you’ll admit

A sweet smile and a loving embrace

Followed by rolling eyes and a turned face

A giving heart that refuses to stop

And drama that goes over the top

The quest for adventure that can never be fulfilled

And pure joy from simple, cheap thrills

 Hopeful eyes that could never burn out

Along with a healthy dose of doubt

A confidence that draws so many looks

But always learning, nose to the books

Forget about sugar, spice, everything nice

She’s made of contradictions- she’s fire and ice


  • rrodriguez

    This is very nicely written. Great job. Enjoyed reading it.

    • SheWasTheSun

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

    • lysistrata

      Tonight we'd raise a glass of Vinsanto to your talent....and bright future.🍷🍷🍷🍷🎂🎊
      Has it got autobiographical elements?!

      • SheWasTheSun

        Thank you Lysi! Yes there are definitely some lines that describe me, and others that were added for embellishment. But this girl is quite similar to me. 🙂

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