What is Considered Success?


Stigma says money equals wealth,

Claiming cash will purchase happiness.


Society states prestige dominates culture,

Valuing praise for its force of power.


Potential is not measured by owning coins,

Or through honoring a high reputation.


Succeeding is earning dignity by self-respect,

Wrestling to gain character through integrity.

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  • Published: August 10th, 2016 13:36
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  • willyweed

    well said good form and structure. ww

  • lysistrata

    Success is finding your destiny.
    Successfull is the person who when he finds success,does NOT forget the Rest.....
    As for self respect,I can name a few who are Vain or Liers or Monsters and have self respect.Leave it....It would be a long debate....

  • Tony36

    Great write, so true

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