As the miles are too many to drive, 

I turn on the radio to survive, 

it's an oldie but goody one playing songs,

teasing my brain on who did what wrongs,

the scenery is flat and doesn't change a bit, 

I'm yawning and praying to keep awake as I sit 

while the old Ford truck rolls along, 

I hum a tune from an old folk song, 

a Peter, Paul and Mary hootenanny moment, 

remembering words which were once dormant, 

something about five-hundred more miles to go, 

figuring that is a lot of gas to blow. 


Ahead of me is an old Elsie cow, 

grazing next to a farmer's rusty plow, 

a horse nearby swishes its long tail, 

standing proud and frisky not at all frail, 

the flat prairie scene is changing about

as I see a town which gives me a shout, 


before my eyes I see a sign ' Cafe Haven, ' 

Giant and Juicy Burgers Not for the Craven,'

after a hearty three-course delicious meal, 

my tummy is full which is a good deal, 

I'm ready to tackle the long drive home, 

turning on the radio makes my mind roam, 

Rick Nelson's last century hit, ' I'm a Traveling Man, ' 

reminds me I'm an old and dedicated fan 

who has many more miles of road to go 

as I drive on the highway singing to and fro.





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  • Published: August 26th, 2016 23:00
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