injustice eye for an eye

Injustice An Eye For An Eye 


If I have any pet peeves it would be injustice 

45 tucked into my sleeve ready to bust it

Observing my friend bleeding out disgust me

Whoever did this to my homie prepare to get dusted 

Don't care about getting busted 

Stay a ghost in the streets until they bring justice 

Cant rely on police they are corrupted 

We take it into our own hands 

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth

You take a life prepare for someone to take you

Until we realize this is what its come to

There will be bloodshed staining the streets red

As we continue to mourne everyday another is born 

Scorn from environments society forms another heart torn

When will we learn


  • SouthernHeartbreak

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  • Angel Smileyface

    Im with you on that an eye for an eye and pigs suck we dont need them around there not going to prevent any murders from happining so whats th point. Eye for an eye is how i am and it gets really scary when people piss me off

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