The end has come for me today

so I must say good-bye

It may be hard to understand 

but I trust that you will try


My heart's so filled with emptiness 

controlled by misery

I've finally seen that what I am 

was never meant to be


The tears I've cried so recently 

are for pain nobody knows

I just can't take it anymore 

it's time for me to go


Is life suppose to be this way 

with thoughts of suicide

Or has my life become a loss 

with no one to confide


Does anybody understand 

the pain that fills my heart

Or understand that all of this 

is tearing me apart


Concealment isn't optional 

for no one seems to care

I hide within my shattered thoughts 

And I'm drowning in despair


My heart has grown so heavy 

and still I don't know why

The end has come for me today 

and I must say good-bye


  • JohnThomas

    Hey... That's some pretty dark writing there.
    I'm sure everyone at some point or another finds themselves in that low a place.
    Is the who or what that is causing you to feel like that worth it?
    A whole wide world out there amigo. I hope you are not in that dark place anymore.

    • Jeff

      Thank you for the time to comment...I certainly appreciate it. As for the poem, it has been a struggle but God is good and I'll live lol. Again, thank you for the comment ...I need them

    • Tony36

      Great write

      • Jeff

        Thank you

        • Tony36


        • P.X. Vexxus

          Another great poem. You have a great style of writing I can definitely follow. Even though the poems you write are sad, I wonder if you get the same relief I do when I write my poems...

          • Jeff

            Thanks again for commenting...I need them. I write poetry to calm the demons from the past which haunt me still.

            • P.X. Vexxus

              I know the feeling. Not a problem, keep writing.

            • giantgentlebear

              parallel lives-- poetry is the heart bleeding -thank god for words -thought provoking read --the bear

              • Jeff

                Thank you for your comment

              • ShadedSorrow

                obviously this was published a while ago, but somehow my readings led me to this poem. I actually cried while reading it. It is such an amazing poem.

                • Jeff

                  Thank you so.much for taking time to comment...i really appreciate it. Yes....this poem was written a few years ago when I felt life was over for me. I cant say it has been an easy road....but I will make it. Thanks again for your comment....Im glad you enjoyed it

                • Jeff

                  Thanks to all who have commented

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