The day you left me


You didn't come to school that day, 

I had a bad feeling in my heart,

I tried everything, you wouldn't  answer,

I had no where else to start.


I couldn't focus, I couldn't eat,

For I knew something was not right,

I knew you were depressed and felt alone,

I should have never let you out of my sight. 


When you finally called me back,

You were in pain and tears,

You called to tell me goodbye,

Confirmed all my fears.


In terror I started toward your house,

But to find you I didn't go far

For you realized what you'd done,

Changed your mind and met me by the door. 


As I ran to you, we were both in tears, 

I could see the worry and pain in your eyes,

My heart felt like it was dying, 

I hoped you would follow my advice.


I put my arm around your waist,

And walked you to the counselors office,

They wouldn't let me go in with you,

The waiting room would have to suffice.


You gave me your music player,

As you walked into the other room,

I listened to our song, over and over,

All I could feel was doom.


I waited and cried, for what felt like forever,

Had no idea what was going on,

When paramedics ran in, took you out on the stretcher,

My only thought was,  my God, he's gone. 


I couldn't quit crying, thought you were dying,

My best friend, I needed you here,

I couldn't lose you like that, now or ever,

I should have told you how much I loved you dear.


I cried for days on end,

Walked out halfway through classes,

Talked with your mom, worried to death,

She told me the feeling always passes.


She told me you'd call me,

As soon a you possibly could,

I waited and checked my phone often,

But you never called, and I knew you never would. 


You were forever best friend,

Seeing you was the highlight of my day,

How in the world did we let it all end?

But now you're back in my life to stay










  • Author: PrincessPie89 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 2nd, 2016 21:50
  • Comment from author about the poem: I was thinking about my old friends, which I do often, and this memory came to mind. I had a friend try to kill himself by overdosing. This is about exactly as I remember it. I have never been able to get this out of my mind. Luckily he was ok. He was taken to the hospital and had his stomach pumped. And today we are friends again! I will always be greatful for this memory, and to have helped save his life! --Princess
  • Category: Friendship
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