After Infidelity

I asked you to change your number so I knew for sure he wasn't contacting you;


but Christmas Eve and Christmas day you were texting him.


Changing the name in your contacts so I would think it was someone else.


How much more do I need to see?


Even when I confronted you, you swore up and down there was nothing to it.


Lying next to me in bed, touching and kissing, while your mind was somewhere else.


I've had enough and will not endure this any longer.


This communion was all my fault, because I was afraid to be by my-self;


but I chased you like a junkie, like I needed you to survive, even breathe.


I felt cornered by my own actions and re-actions.


I am better off alone then to follow a path that ends with you.


I made this decision because our morals are different, you never had this happen to you.


This infidelity has been my shadow my entire life.


My parents did not care, so why would you.


So removed, so empty and indifferent.


I wasn't perfect but I know what I promised and did my best.


I loved you when you needed it, when we both needed it.


I brought you flowers, just because I wanted to bring you them.


I listened as intently as any man is capable of doing.


I encouraged your goals and dreams, even when I knew you were nuts.


Being crazy though is human nature and fuels the spirit to act.


Many of us have had an insane idea that has changed the world and who we are.


Even if its the world around us; we can have an amazing impact.


That is what made me drawn to you, like a moth to a flame.


Invited by the warmth, as the very tips start to dance.


Eventuality, every bonfire has to burn out, just like we did.


I wish you well in another life and another time.


I hope that it was worth it for us both.


Maybe we can learn from this to make us better people.


Not only to our selfs, but to the people who love us.

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