The New Cry Atlantic

An Abyss Spoken From His Soul

A thousand words never heard,
Kept locked in a heart that never looked worse.

A boy who allowed himself no tears,
To abstain from the pity of the masses.

Living a life enveloped in secrecy,
So as not to disturb the order of society.

He promised himself to tell not a soul,
Certain that a content mind would never understand.

With this reality,
Such a bitter damning truth.

He has condemned himself to an existence,
Accompanied by none other than his own shadow.

Then he met her....

A strong heart with a sword,
Sharp enough to break his shield.

She struck mighty blows,
No remorse showed determination.

A longing to comfort a shattered soul,
To give new purpose to a heart close to death.

In one final blow he gave in to her,
She held him tight as he fell.

Like a spilt glass the tears flowed powerfully down his cheeks,
And the words cascaded over his lips.

As he spoke of the horrors,
Kept deep inside his heart.

She could feel his soul easing with every word,
And a new peace rose up within him.

Along with the strength he needed,
To raise himself from the abyss he had hidden in....

All these years.






  • petec

    Wow - awesome! It inspires me to be a better poet. Great composition. Keep writing!

  • Tony36

    Mere words can not properly express how much I like this poem

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