A look through my eyes

Take a look into my eyes and tell me what you see.


I remember when you were you and I was me.


A child looking for direction for someone in a selfish drugged out haze.


Looking for protection from the evil you brought into my life.


Yes mommy I’ll stay in the car while you trick.


Yes mommy I’ll be a good little boy and stay right here.


You stole my innocence and forced me to see things no child should ever see.


You ruined me and my spirit but it’s okay because you’re “clean” now.


Everything will be all better and I’ll be able to recoup the years you took from me.


Right mommy? You promise! You said you were sorry.


Apologies make all the pain go away.


  • petec

    Wow - powerful!

  • Jeff

    I agree....very powerful. This is an excellent write...great job

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